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I don’t get to read as man FM blogs as I would like, but I try to catch up on other posts and videos when I have the time. I got this idea from FM Rensie who also has his own list of Favourite FM Authors. I recommend you check it out, but I think we probably follow a lot of the same people.

I will add to this list as I discover more creators and will do my best to keep it update as I discover more content creators out there. If you have a blog that that I’ve forgotten to add, or you think I would be interested in reading, or you would like to feature here, please drop me a comment below.

I will also add a YouTube and Streamers list as and when I get the time to keep my website up to date, but for now, the FM blogs.

FM Blogs – The Football Manager Bloggers List

First up, In no particular order, these are the FM blogs that I regularly read. Some deliver content more regularly than others, but they’re all brilliant writers. Chances are I’ve probably missed a couple off the list so if you notice any names missing here, just give me a shout!

FM Grasshopper

Tony is most well known for his FIBRA approach. He has been documenting the highs, the lows and the mediocre moments from his saves since 2015 (his words). You can also hear Tony on a semi-regular basis on the GrassNGear podcast, where he and Dan Gear of Bolivia fame drink alcohol, chat Football Manager and play some games.

• website • twitter @fm_grasshopper • podcast GrassNGear

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FM Rensie

Ondrej is the go to for all things set pieces. He also writes some other cracking posts on Football Manager. Under the pseudonym, Keysi Rensie, he has written many great posts on his Football Manager saves, set pieces, and tactics. He even has his own skin, Football Manager skin, which you can download from his site.

• website • twitter @fmrensie

FM22 Rensie Skin & FM22 Rensie Low Resolution skin
Hi all, as you know, …

FM Samo

Samo is famous for the FM Slack which he setup for a bunch of us degenerates to chat FM all day! He also has a great blog, a quarterly magazine and was once a podcast host. If there’s a medium for content creation, he’s probably done it. I think he might have even streamed once.

• website • magazine • twitter @fm_samo

Golden Generation | We Go Again
The extreme high of last …
The Golden Generation | Invincibles
Change is constant at the …
The Golden Generation | Chop and Change
Don’t worry, the title of …
My 3-3-2-1-1 FM21 Tactic
I recently read Wings of …

FM Pressure

James doesn’t blog anywhere near enough for my liking but when he does they’re usually filled with FM truth bombs and very insightful, his posts on the modern full-backs most recently was excellent!

• website • twitter @fmpressure

First Season With Torino
A second blog post about …
Why Torino In #FM22? – Sempre Forza Toro!
Every November for the past …
FM21: Dinamo No Mo(re)
After five years of sustained …
FM21: Three Seasons Deep
Two further seasons have passed …

Daniel Gear

Dan is 51% of the GrassNGear podcast, the other half and a bit to FM Grasshopper. He is a regular FM blogger as you will see from the feed below and a film critic on the twitters.

• website • twitter @dgear86

1.2 The Wall
Welcome back, I have completed …
1.1 Welcome to Lamia
An Introduction to PAS Lamia …
1.3 The Bull
Welcome back for my third …
Football Manager 2021 AS Saint Etienne: La Dernière Danse
Welcome back, For those of …

Friday Night FM

Joe is part of the #WeStreamFM team, however, despite this, he has a blog which makes him cool enough to make this list. Joe writes an insightful FM blog where he will usually have some interesting playbook to adhere to for his saves.

• website • twitter @fridaynightfm • podcast 5 Star Potential

The Villarreal Project: PSV Eindhoven – Extra
We’ve all heard the term …
The Villarreal Project: PSV Eindhoven – S3
Intro Another season in Holland …
The West Ham Way – Season 2
Season 2 with West Ham …
The Villarreal Project: PSV Eindhoven – S2
Season 2 of The Villarreal …

Ted Redwood

Ted Redwood is owner of the most colourful collection of FM blog posts out there. They’re also pretty bloody good. His current Der Kult series is one of my favourites. Another blogger who I wish would post more FM blog content.

• website • twitter @ted_redwood

I regret to announce this is the end
I’m going now It’s true. …
Infamous : FM21 : John Barnes – Celtic
InFMous Welcome to a side-series …
FM21 : Easy PEC : VI : PEC Zwolle
Welkom ‘Sup? If you’ve not …
FM21 : The search for Solano : Newgen reviewgen
Hello Welcome back to the …

According To FM

Mike According is another FM blog writer who doesn’t write enough, but when he does write, they’re some of the best FM writing out there. His current Red Bull Salzburg series has some very interesting turns as Mike talks about tactical changes and player development and scouting.

• website • twitter @accordingtofm

FM20 | Generic Save Update 2021-2022
We won the league and …
A New Wonderkid Has Entered The Game
Time has moved slowly the …
Filling In The Gaps
HGC, three letters which make …
FM20 | How To Turn Around a Bad Run
Arresting a slide has proven …

FM Athlete

I love this series by James as we follow his alter-ego Frank M. Athlete down the river Danube (Europe’s second-longest river which I’ve seen with my own eyes!) — it’s such an original idea for a save and James masters it with his great writing!

• website • twitter @fm_athlete

We Have Moved
I am absolutely delighted to …
Running from FM: Picking up the Baton
If you saw the latest …
FM21: Trabzon Times | #6
Trabzonspor boss, Frank Athlete, has …

From eleven, one

Managing FK Mačva Šabac from the Serbian leagues, FEO has a great FM blog and writes in wonderful detail about his save. Blogs posts are frequent, too! A great save to get stuck into on a Sunday morning (usually the day reserved for my blog reading!)

• website • twitter @fromelevenone

Coffeehouse FM
Hello there, just a quick …
Toulouse 5.02: Left (Back) 4 Dead
Welcome back to Toulouse. We …
Toulouse 5.01: Déjà vu
Hello again. A bit of …
Toulouse 4.01: Room 101
Welcome back to Toulouse. It’s …

FM Eadster

This is up there as one of my favourite FM blog series. The Re-Builders of Pripyat is steeped in history and fantastic creative writing. Our protagonist, Ruslan Chepiga, also makes an appearance in fm grasshopper’s latest FM blog series. I’m also very jealous of his blog images.

• website • twitter @fmeadster

Adjust your bookmarks
Just a note to say …
Royal Antwerp. The Great Old. Season 3
Season 3 was in the …
The Great Old Season 2
We have finally reached the …

FM heathen

Daz has a wonderful little FM blog where he writes about his escapades in Manchester. His current save at Salford City FC is brilliant.

• website • twitter @fmheathen

Lifting Wales #4: Stick or twist?
So, after a little excursion …
Lifting Wales #3: analysing to stop losing
You know the feeling, you …
Lifting Wales #2: Up the Ancients
It’s not often that I …
Lifting Wales #1: a touching test
1: Intro Let’s be straight, …

I will keep adding to this list as and when I find new bloggers or when I remember that I’ve forgotten to add someone. I hope you enjoy reading the FM blogs above as much as I do!

If you have a blog that you think I might be interested in, please leave me a comment below.

Oliver Jensen

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  1. Hi Oliver

    Although it is very early days for my blog I think that the concept and content is original.

    I only have a group on Facebook at the moment @when Saturday come. Football manager stories.

    It would be great if you would be able to take a look and see what you think.

    In time if successful i would certainly consider a website but that is a long way in the future. I think the start to the blog has been reasonably positive as has only been in operation for 2 days and has grown to 60 members

    Thanks Ben

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