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It’s (Probably Not) Coming Home. Episode Four FMFutbolManager and the 4-1-4-1 DM Wide

This is a short introduction to the succession save that has been taking the FM community by storm. It’s (Probably Not) Coming Home follows the story of FM bloggers battling to get the England national team into the Euros where they hope to run out eventual winners.

I have been following this save with great interest, and when @FMEadster asked if I wouldn’t mind taking over for a couple of matches, I jumped at the chance. FMPressure, Diego Mendoza, and lastly FMRensie had collectively guided England to the 2020 Euros. The baton was passed. It was my turn to shine.

There was some pressure ahead of the matches against Slovenia and Sweden. At State Rennais I had shaped the players to fit my system. With England, I had to shoehorn them into my system and hope they would perform.

I wanted entertainment, I wanted bums off the seats, I wanted to impress.

The plans fell apart within 50 seconds of my first match. To find out why, and more importantly how we got on, check out the blog post below.

A little different from my normal blog posts, but I wanted to share this with you without taking the whole post from Chris’s site. Hopefully you enjoy the post as much as I enjoyed writing it, even if playing it was a little stressful at times.

Until next time.

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