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The Coaching Team in Football Manager

Welcome to my new series on the Backroom Staff in Football Manager. This post covers the Coaching Team in Football Manager.

Welcome to my new series, The Backroom Staff – A Complete Football Manager Staff Guide. This guide will be focussing on the Coaching Team in Football Manager.

Version date 23 July 2020 • 1.0 - Written for Football Manager 2020

Introduction to the Coaching Team in Football Manager

The Coaching Team in Football Manager is made up of the following Backroom Staff members.

  • The Manager
  • The Assistant Manager
  • The Head of Youth Development
  • The Coaches

Most clubs will have some, if not all of the above roles filed. Not every club hires the maximum amount of staff they’re allowed, however. You might find that you have space to hire one or two more coaches when you first take over a club.

The Coaching Team Overview screen
The Coaching Team Overview screen

Each role comes with its own specialisms, which I will explain at a high level below, but also in much more detail in future posts. How many responsibilities you delegate to your staff is up to you, but make sure the staff are adequately qualified to do the job that you’re asking them to do. You wouldn’t want a Fitness Coach who has a low Fitness attribute, for example.

Staff Responsibilities

The staff can have as much or as little responsibility as you’re willing to give them. Their responsibility areas can also overlap, for example, the Assistant Manager and Head of Youth Development have the ability to bring through Academy players into the youth teams. You can only set one role to deal with these, but the responsibility can cross over to another staff member.

Some Backroom Staff can have duel roles, for example an Assistant Manager can also have a secondary role as a Data Analyst. This can be useful if you don’t have the budget to hire one of each, but bear in mind if you do use this approach, you will use up one available slot for each of the positions.

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Staff Roles for the Coaching Team in Football Manager

This is a brief overview of the Coaching Team staff roles. I will have an individual post for each of these roles going into a lot more detail on the types of attributes you should be looking for and the responsibilities you can delegate to the role.


You are the Manager. However, there are a set of attributes that you have the ability to set for yourself before you start any game. A lot of these attributes are misunderstood, however, depending on the team you are managing and the level set for yourself you could either struggle or thrive.

As the Manager you can take on almost any task at the club, but your attributes are important for a lot of them, no matter how good you are at Football Manager. For example, you can take on some training responsibilities like attack coaching sessions, so you’ll want to have good Determination, Level of Discipline and Motivating for a start as well as good Attacking and either good Mental or Technical. If you don’t have good attributes in these areas you’ll have a low star rating for coaching.

If you want to enjoy a journeyman save (a save where you travel around various clubs in various leagues), then you’ll also want good Adaptability if you want clubs to consider you for the role. If you want to see a lot of player attributes on a player profile (if you play with Attribute Masking) then you’ll want to have good Judging Player Potential and Ability.

More on the Manager in future posts, but there’s a lot more that goes into creating your profile than just creating your face.

Assistant Manager

New players will rely more on the Assistant Manager than seasoned pros, however, even some of the more experienced players will want to hire an Assistant Manager to take on some of the roles behind the scenes, like arranging training sessions and taking some of the media duties.

The Assistant Manager can take on almost any job that you need them to, but you’ll want to make sure that they’re qualified for the job and that in certain circumstances they share the same preferences as you, for example, if they’re taking control of training, you’ll want to make sure they have the same tactical preferences and coaching style.

The Best Assistant Manager in Football Manager

It was quite difficult to pick just one, since the Assistant Manager for me might take on a completely different set of responsibilities to someone else, however, considering I like mine to offer tactical advice and take the off team talk every now and again and handle my press conferences when I’ve had enough of speaking with them, I would recommend Pepijn Lijnders. Although he starts out as a Coach, he could easily come on-board as an Assistant Manager.

Pepijn Lijnders is a current Coach at Liverpool. The 36 year old Dutch coach has a Spirited personality and is contracted to the English club until June 2024, where he earns £20,000 p/w. Lijnders media handling style is Unflappable. He has no short term or long-term plans.

With good adaptability he would adapt fairly well to working at any club around the world, proving you could afford the €5.25M compensation it would take to break him from his contract. You might want to wait for his contract to run down a little.

Pepijn Lijnders - Liverpool Coach
Pepijn Lijnders – Liverpool Coach

Head of Youth Development

The Head of Youth Development in Football Manager is one of the most important roles you will fill. By default, the person in this role will bring Academy Players through to your Youth Teams as Newgens. You can change this via staff responsibilities but if you leave this as default then you’re going to want to find someone who matches your preferred formation and coaching style.

More importantly, in my opinion is the personality of the Head of Youth Development. The key to player development is Determination, Ambition and Professionalism and so you will want to find someone who has all three in abundance, which they can then pass on to the Newgens he brings through.

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The Best Head of Youth Development in Football Manager

Bernhard Peters is a free-agent at the start of Football Manager 2020. The 59 year old German Head of Youth Development has a Model Professional personality. Peters media handling style is Evasive. He has a short-term plan of being a Head of Youth Development in his next role.

With good adaptability he would adapt fairly well to working at any club around the world.

Bernhard Peters - Head of Youth Development
Bernhard Peters – Head of Youth Development


Your coaches are responsible for training, primarily, but they’ll also offer you updates on player progression and provide you with reports on how well your players are progressing in training. Your coaches will have different specialisms and with this will have a different set of key attributes required to carry out their role.

The number of coaches that you are allowed to have will generally depend on the size of the club and the finances available to you. The hire your reputation and influence at the club, the more likely you are to be able to hire more coaches and pay higher wages for them.

How to Get More Coaches in Football Manager

In order to get more coaches you will need to submit a request to the board

  1. Head to Club vision
  2. Select Make Board Request
  3. Select Staff, Coaches Allowed, First Team Squad

If you do not see the option here it is either because you are already at the limit for what the board will allow or it could be that your influence with the board is still low so they’re unwilling to grant the request.


The Coaching Team in Football Manager has some key personnel that you’re going to want to take some time with making sure they’re the right fit for the club.

As always, if you made it this far, thank you for reading along. You can get in touch with me in the comments below, via twitter @fmfutbolmanager, or my slack channel #fmFutbolManager — if you’re not a part of the Football Manager Slack community, then you can join here!

Until next time.

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