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09|01 PRÉ-SAISON: It’s Time to Make a Push in the Champions League

Welcome to my Football Manager 2020 blog. In this latest instalment of my journey with Stade Rennais I'll be reviewing preseason ahead of the new season.

SeasonNine.EpisodeOne | Pré-saison

Welcome back to my Football Manager 2020 blog with Stade Rennais. If you missed by previous post, you can catch up with everything that happened, here:

08|05 END OF SEASON REVIEW 2026/27

Things were a little calmer this transfer window compared to last summer. With just €8.5M in player sales we’ve managed to keep the title winning squad together, so that means we don’t need any new signings, right?

June 2027 – August 2027

We still had money to spend, around €200M in the bank for transfers, but you can still only play 11 players and with the squad staying together after last season I didn’t need to do too much to it.

Tactically, we’re staying the same. I’ve written in detail about my tactics here, in case you missed that post:

So, onto the rest of the update.


Here are our summer transfers in and out of Stade Rennais.

Stade Rennais Transfers in

First up, the players I have brought into the club this window. I didn’t need to bring in too many players so I’ve just strengthened in a couple of areas.

IN | Luis Aguayo| €4.8M from O’Higgins

Yeah. I have never heard of O’Higgins either. But my scouts had found themselves over in Chile and recommended that we bring Luis to the club. He’s only 18 years old so has a lot of development ahead of him. We’ve sent him out to Anderlecht on loan and he’ll likely be out on loan next season as well.

Luis Aguayo - Stade Rennais transfer in
Luis Aguayo – Stade Rennais transfer in

IN | Rosen Petkov | €5M from Ludogorets

I was a bit apprehensive about this transfer, but for €5M I thought it was a risk I should take. Petkov has been on the radar for a while but when a news item appears that he was under transfer offer from another club for just €5M I thought we should take the move and see if we could develop him further and potentially get some use from him.

Rosen Petkov - Stade Rennais transfer in
Rosen Petkov – Stade Rennais transfer in

IN | Pedro Moreno | €65M from FC Porto

We only really have two quality central midfielders and when Rault picked up a knock I panicked. We tried to get a few different players but none were available. We decided to try get Moreno from Porto and they were willing to sell him to us. I think we’ve paid over the odds here, but he has settled in well and is already scoring. I want to play him as an Advanced Playmaker so I need to stop him coming deep for the ball, but other than that he’s pretty well rounded and still has room to develop.

Pedro Moreno - Stade Rennais transfer in
Pedro Moreno – Stade Rennais transfer in

Stade Rennais Transfers out

Another transfer window but a quiet one…

OUT | Marcelo Añez | €6.25M to DL Yifang

Unfortunately, Añez never really settled and got into the team at Stade Rennais. A €450K signing from Nacional Potosi we’ve made a decent profit on him, but you will notice his current value. Fortunately, we were smart enough to insert a clause entitling us to 40% of his next fee.

Marcelo Añez - Stade Rennais transfer out
Marcelo Añez – Stade Rennais transfer out


As mentioned, tactically we are the same as last season. Results have been great, as you would expect from preseason.

Preseason 2027 Stade Rennais results
Preseason 2027 results

Célio Juliano has moved up to the first team squad following his signing last season. He is 19 years old now so still a bit young, but he has an excellent right foot on him so he will be around the first team this season.

We’ve done a lot of work on corners this preseason (there’s also a post out about that, too!) and they seem to be paying dividends. The team looks as good as it did when we finished the season and the preparations couldn’t have been better.


Another season but this time the curtain raiser was against Lyon. We came away with a 3-0 victory with Nikolaou getting a couple from corners.

August 2027 results

The league season has started how it always does for us in August it seems. Another four wins from four games.

Nikolaou has continued his scoring from set pieces and Jacky Rault has continued to smash in goal after goal from the Box To Box Midfielder role which seems to suit him a lot more than the Advanced Playmaker role I was trying to fit him into.

Young Erwen Le Bras has also found his shooting boots which could call time on Ayari’s career with us, however, we haven’t sold him yet so I might see if I can convert him to a winger for now to see how he does out there before we cut out losses. As an academy product though, any money we make is profit, but with a €20M valuation it won’t be as much for kid who had so much promise.

As it stands everything at Stade Rennais is running smoothly. PSG are stumbling and could have had just the one win if it wasn’t for a 93rd minute winner against Toulouse. However, we need to concentrate on us as we always stumble after the international break after the transfer window.

I’ve scheduled in some match training to try and keep the players fresh, let’s hope it works!

(Click here for the full table)

The Champions League draw was kind to us. Sporting CP, FC Krasnodar, and Atlético are our opponents. This should be a group we easily qualify from.

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Until next time, à tout à l’heure.

Oliver Jensen


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