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A look at Dortmund, 10 years on.

Jensen quits Signal Iduna Park post

Oliver Jensen has resigned from his position as manager at Borussia Dortmund.

Jensen, A Bundesliga Manager of the Year winner in 2021, will surely prove hard to replace considering his wealth of experience and previous track record. He enjoyed great success at Dortmund, lifting 4 league titles and winning 5 cup competitions. Dortmund lifted the Bundesliga title comfortably with twenty-two points separating them from RB Leipzig.

Dortmund will now be looking for a new manager.

Season One with Sérgio Conceição (2023/24)

Dortmund hired Sérgio Conceição from FC Porto to replace me. And he didn’t do too badly.


Transfers | €67m in player purchases | €270m in player sales

Sérgio spent just €67m in his first season, despite selling €270m worth of talent, including Fiete Arp for €40m to Liverpool, Alcácer to Jiangsu Suning for €38m, Upamecano to Man United for €57m, Sancho to Chelsea for €96m and fans favourite Matheusinho to Flamengo for just €13m.

Bundesliga: First

Despite a tricky start to the league, Dortmund finished top of the Bundesliga by 7 points ahead of Bayern.

DFB-Pokal: Second-round exit

Disappointingly, they were knocked out of the DFB-Pokal in the second round, losing 2-0 to Nuremberg. It was never a board priority, but they should have done better, here.

Champions League: Semi-final exit

Dortmund got to the semi-final, where they lost to the runner up Manchester City 4-2 on aggregate.

All in all not a bad first season for Dortmund.

Season Two with Sérgio Conceição (2024/25)

Dortmund were up against a fresh challenge in Sérgio Conceição’s second season as Brendon Rodgers takes control of Bayern Munich

Transfers | €12.5m in player purchases |€271m in player sales

Sérgio only spent €12.5m in his second season. I’m not sure why as to me they look short on centrebacks.

He also sanctioned the outgoings of players like João Felix for €115m to Man United, Maid Pantic (remember him, my young player of the season in my final season) to Bayern for just €33m, Valerio Gallorini for €92m to Liverpool (another of my youngsters in my final season), and Ademar Fernandes, also a youngster to Bayern for €40m.

To say this is disappointing to see is an understatement. These youngsters were the product of hours upon hours of scouting and recruitment.

Bundesliga: Second

As probably expected, Dortmund finished second to Bayern. The outgoing of so many quality players, and reluctance to sign a centre-back probably cost them. I hope they make some strong signings in the next window.

DFB-Pokal: Winners

Dortmund beat RB Leipzig in the Pokal final to bring a trophy home for the Dortmund fans!

Champions League: Quarter-final exit

A quarter-final exit to Manchester United made it another disappointing run in the Champions League. United, who have bought so many Dortmund players over the year profiting from that.

Season Three with Brendan Rodgers (2025/26)

What a turn up for the books! Sérgio Conceição perhaps paying the price for his lack of spending at Dortmund as his second-place finish to Bayern’s Brendan Rodgers was enough to cost him his job.

Rodgers then left Bayern for Dortmund. I didn’t see that coming.


Transfers | €158m in player purchases |€239m in player sales

The exodus continues at Dortmund. Two more youngsters let go, both to PSG; Krsmanovic for €98m and Fincke for €141m. My legacy is making Dortmund one of the richest clubs in the world. At least Brendan has done some spending.

Screenshot 2019-11-16 at 12.20.13.png

Bundesliga: First

Quite remarkable really. Brendan went to Bayern and won the league ahead of Dortmund, then swapped for Dortmund and won the league ahead of Bayern, who had brought in Roberto Di Matteo as his replacement.

Screenshot 2019-11-16 at 12.22.19.png

DFB-Pokal: Winners

The double complete for Dortmund as they defeat RB Leipzig, again, in the DFB-Pokal final.

Champions League: Quarter-final exit

The Champions League evades Dortmund again as they can only make it as far as the Champions League quarter-final, where they lost out to Chelsea, 3-2 on aggregate.

Season Four with Brendan Rodgers (2026/27)

It was another season with Brendan Rodgers at the helm and boy was it a close one. Transfer activity was low, too!

Transfers | €44m in player purchases |€19.5m in player sales

No real deals to speak of this window. The €44m signing of Alessandro Tonti from Bologna the only major deal for Dortmund. Frustratingly, they let Luiz Gustavo leave who was a player I had very high hopes for. He joined AC Milan for just €8.5m

Screenshot 2019-11-16 at 14.35.25.png

Bundesliga: Winners

It was a very tight race in the end with RB Leipzig pushing Dortmund all the way. It took goal difference to settle the sides.

DFB-Pokal: Third round exit

It was a disappointing run in the Pokal for Rodger’s men. A third-round exit at the hands of Leverkusen.

Champions League: Semi-final exit

A better run in the Champions League this season, but they just didn’t have enough to overcome Manchester City in the semi-final of the competition.

Season Five with Jürgen Klopp (2027/28)

Well, Jurgen is back at Dortmund. Brendan Rodgers continues his journeyman career and this time leaves Dortmund for Manchester United, like many of the Dortmund players, in fact.

So now it’s Jurgen’s time to see what he can do for Dortmund.


Transfers | €4.3m in player purchases |€121m in player sales

There’s a theme occurring here. Dortmund are making astronomical funds in player sales. This time, the €119m sale of Julia Doebel, a player I had scouted multiple times, leaves for Real Madrid.

Screenshot 2019-11-17 at 09.45.36.png

Bundesliga: Second

Dortmund struggled under Klopp in his return to Dortmund. Finishing 12 points behind Bayern in the league. Their squad is looking a low on world-class talent now. The young players I had nurtured have departed for large sums, with just a few of them left. Klopp will have some rebuilding to do in my opinion.

DFB-Pokal: Quarter-final exit

A disappointing exit to Hoffenheim in the cup. Losing 3-1 after extra time.

Champions League: First knockout round exit

The Champions League wasn’t much better for Dortmund as they finish the season without a trophy for the first time since my departure.

Having taken over in September, the board have afforded Jurgen some slack here, I think. But he will need to deliver next season.

Season six with Jürgen Klopp (2027/28)

After spending some Money, Klopp got back to winning ways for Dortmund’s sixth season since I resigned, but players continue to leave the club for huge sums.

Transfers | €160m in player purchases |€193m in player sales

Klopp has made some great signings this window to help push Dortmund up a level and retain the title from Bayern Munich.

Having let Pantic leave he brought in a seriously good winger, Levavasseur from Lyon for €64m

Screenshot 2019-11-17 at 11.48.19.png

Bundesliga: Winners

Back to winning ways for Klopp with another Bundesliga title win, winning by 14 points ahead of Leverkusen, with Bayern finishing in third place.

Screenshot 2019-11-17 at 11.50.32.png

DFB-Pokal: Third round exit

The Pokal evades Dortmund again, losing 3-2 against Hertha Berlin. The cup is neglected by the board as a trophy deemed not important enough to pursue. Understandable, that the Champions League will take priority.

Champions League: Quarter-Final exit

Another exit, this time at the hands of finalists Real Madrid. Time is running out for another Champions League trophy for Dortmund.

Remember Brendan Rodgers, who left Dortmund for Manchester United last season. Well, he went on to win the Premier League, League Cup, FA Cup and Champions League this season. What a man!

Season seven with Jürgen Klopp (2028/29)

Just the one player coming in for Jürgen this season, and it might have cost them, considering the player sales yet again. Not the best season, but somehow he keeps his job.

Transfers | €79m in player purchases |€135m in player sales

Aldair Do Santos Cuevas leaves for €120m, heading to Chelsea. Another big player leaves the club.

Screenshot 2019-11-17 at 13.54.49.png

Bundesliga: Fourth

It was a disappointing season for Klopp’s men. Finishing fourth, but then only six points separated them from the top spot. Bayern winning the league title, with RB Leipzig and Leverkusen finishing ahead of Dortmund.

In their final seven games, Dortmund won just once in the league in what was a shocking end.

DFB-Pokal: Semi-final exit

Dortmund lost to bitter rivals Schalke 3-2 in the semi-final to add to a miserable season.

Champions League: Semi-final exit

Yet again, the finals of the Champions League evades Dortmund, losing out again to Real Madrid. Despite beating them 3-1 in the home leg, they went on to lose 4-0 away.

Season eight with Jürgen Klopp (2029/30)

Season eight was no better than the last, and ultimately it cost Klopp his job. Sacked at the end of the season, Dortmund will be looking for their fifth manager in nine years.

Transfers | €53m in player purchases |€45m in player sales

A relatively stable transfer window with the only major transfer being Sergio Gómez leaving for Inter Milan for €31m

Bundesliga: Third

It was another disappointing season in the Bundesliga for Dortmund. Klopp ultimately paying the price for his second season without a league title.

Screenshot 2019-11-17 at 15.48.17.png

DFB-Pokal: Winners

A trophy for Dortmund, albeit the DFB-Pokal. Schalke, the league winners, were defeated 2-1 by Dortmund.

Champions League: Group stage exit

Dortmund dropped into the Europa League after a disappointing season in the Champions League, finishing third in a tough group with Real Madrid, Roma and Rapid Vienna.

Europa League: Second knockout round exit

If dropping into the Europa League wasn’t bad enough, Dortmund had an early exit at the hands of Everton.

Season nine with Diego Simeone (2030/31)

What a signing for Dortmund. I’ve not yet looked at any of their results and I know this is going to be a successful season! Don’t prove me wrong, Diego!


Transfers | €5.25m in player purchases |€5m in player sales

Diego obviously fancied his chances with what he has… So, let’s take a look…

Bundesliga: Winners

By just a point, Diego Simeone brings back the Bundesliga to Dortmund. With six games lost, it could have been a different story, but it looks as if the rest of the teams are catching up and it’s pretty tight at the top now.

Still, a win is a win!

DFB-Pokal: Winners

No messing about here, and a victory over his former team Bayern Munich, no less!

Champions League: Group stage exit

Unfortunately, it was another crap season in the Champions League as they were eliminated from their group containing Real Madrid, Liverpool and Hearts of Scotland no less!

Europa League: Second knockout round exit

It was another second knockout round exit for Dortmund, this time at the hands of Villarreal.

Season ten with Diego Simeone (2031/32)

Season ten, the final season. Diego Simeone still at the helm, and it was another great season.

Transfers | €25.5m in player purchases |€97m in player sales

.No real major transfers in, however, there was one last notable departure. Wanderson, a young Brazilian I signed for just €7.5M from Vasco da Gama was sold to Barcelona for €57m.

Bundesliga: Winners

It was another league title for Simeone., finishing with 81 points, just three ahead of Bayern, but that doesn’t matter. The title to end the series is fitting.

DFB-Pokal: Winners

I get the feeling that Simeone likes this competition. A double again and another DFB-Pokal win again against Bayern Munich.

Champions League: Semi final exit

Unfortunately, as with the previous 10 seasons, Dortmund just didn’t have enough to reach a European cup final. Just the one trophy 10 years ago.

Manager records

So, in 15 seasons Dortmund have had five managers since Lucien Favre’s departure, as he was sacked halfway through season one. Let’s take a look at their records.

Oliver Jensen

Arguably the most successful manager, with 4 Bundesliga titles and 5 cup wins, including a Champions League win. I also probably spent more than the other 4 combined on players, but the money was there to spend…

Screenshot 2019-11-17 at 21.09.56.png

Sérgio Conceição

Sérgio had a good run and a great win percentage before he left Dortmund for AC Milan. It would have been good to see what he could have done with this team, but it wasn’t to be.

Screenshot 2019-11-17 at 21.10.25.png

Brendan Rodgers

The one who got away. Rodgers has had a tremendous career, winning leagues and European cups at almost all the clubs he has been to, including Dortmund, Manchester United and Barcelona. I would have liked him to stay on at Dortmund to see what he could have achieved, but the lure of Manchester United was too much.

Rodgers left with the highest win percentage of all managers.

Screenshot 2019-11-17 at 21.10.25.png

Jürgen Klopp

It was a disappointing return for Klopp. Despite a couple of cup wins and a league title, it wasn’t enough for the demanding Dortmund board. He was sacked after 3 years and 288 days.

Screenshot 2019-11-17 at 21.10.44.png

Diego Simeone

Finally, Simeone. He has made a great start to life at Dortmund and long may it continue. I’m sure a European Cup is just around the corner…

Screenshot 2019-11-17 at 21.10.53.png

And that’s a wrap. FM19 is complete for me.

I will be writing about my plans for FM20, although at this point I still don’t have a team in mind. I have a plan for how I want to play and what my ambitions are. I just need to find the right club to suit that way.

As always, thank you for reading.

Until next time, tschüss.

Oliver Jensen


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