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Welcome to the latest instalment of my journey with Borussia Dortmund. Last time out, we reviewed the preseason results and took you through the player signings at Signal Iduna Park.

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Now, onto the update.

After the chaos of August, I didn’t know what this season would bring. We had a more expansive system now and the results were good. However, we’d lost more key players and didn’t really bring in much in terms of replacements.

Things could be better, but I’ll get onto that.


Things in the league didn’t start out the best for us. We had games where we’ve thrown away points when we didn’t need to. We’ve been leaky in defence, too as our opening game shows.

We were 3-1 up against Mainz before they levelled the match on 67 minutes to make it 3-3 — however, we have a new kid on the block, Sebastian Eckardt

Against Frankfurt and Hannover we had to come from behind to level the match. We were playing some really good football, but just couldn’t close out games, so I made a couple of defensive alterations. We started playing with an offside trap and increased the intensity of our pressing. It seems to have made us a bit better back there, but it’s certainly something to keep an eye on.

Screenshot 2019-09-08 at 17.30.56

If the final four games are anything to go by, then I think we’ve hit peak form. The key now will be keeping this run going. Werder Bremen were running away with the league and if you follow me on twitter, you will have seen this tweet just 10 games into the season.

However, since being nine points behind and losing 2-1 to Werder Bremen, we’ve gone on an excellent run winning the following four games, whereas Werder Bremen went on to draw three and lose one of the next four. Allowing us to close the gap immensely.

Including Champions League games, Werder Bremen have now won just once in the last seven games. Let’s hope that form continues.

Now, remember my last post when I said I was worried about Bayern and Tomas Tuchel… I really don’t know what has happened to them. Against us in the cup they were excellent, but they’ve struggled ever since. Long may it continue.


Onto the Champions League…


To say I’m surprised by our form in Europe would be an understatement. We’ve hit 17 goals in our opening four games, which has allowed me to field weaker sides so that we’re fresh for the league.

Poor Sporting Lisbon have been battered, along with Besiktas. We qualified comfortably, and now we’re just giving players minutes. We still have two more games to play

Screenshot 2019-09-09 at 20.54.58.png

If we can keep this form up, we should be able to do a lot better than last season! For what it’s worth, this is how the league is shaping up at the moment. One more match against Marseille to go.

champions league.png

A great start to the season.


Just the two matches so far, and both against much lower league opposition.

Screenshot 2019-09-09 at 21.00.41.png

Nothing really to write home about here. It has given vital minutes to some of the youth players, with Eckardt getting a couple more goals. We have Bielefeld in the third-round.


There has been one stand out player this season, Jadon Sancho. At just 22 years old he has bossed every game he has played in, scoring an incredible 12 goals in 7(4) and assisting a further 4 goals.

Unfortunately, the Premier League vultures are circling. It’ll take some doing to keep them away in January. If we do hold onto him, it’s very likely his last season with us, as I cannot stop him moving on after the season he has had.

Screenshot 2019-09-09 at 21.05.57.png

Along with Sancho, Jota has slotted straight into the team with an impressive 8 goals and 7 assists from 17(2). Notable mentions also go to Alcácer for continuing his goalscoring form with us.

The rest of the stats.

Screenshot 2019-09-09 at 21.02.52.png

It remains to be seen if we can keep Sancho. It also looks like my four central defenders are also in demand. January is going to be an interesting month, with most of these players having release clauses.

Until next time, tschüss.

Oliver Jensen

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