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Welcome to the latest instalment of my journey with Borussia Dortmund. Last time out, we reviewed the preseason results, and took you through the player signings at Signal Iduna Park.

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Now, onto the update.

Well, first and foremost hello. It has been some time since I’ve played and written about FM. I’ve had a very busy few months so decided to take some time away from the game.

I don’t know if I’ll keep writing about my save, or even keep playing for that matter, but for now, here’s a short update of how my fourth season is going. It’s shorter than what I usually do, but I hope that’ll bring back the love.


The pre-season went as well as we could have hoped. No teams really giving us any issues and no major injuries to speak of. We’ve settled on a more possession hungry 4-3-3 this year with the aim to dominate and control games more in Europe and to try to reduce the number of goals we’ve been conceding

Screenshot 2019-08-20 at 20.17.20.png

So far it appears to have worked. Just the one goals against Paderborn conceded. Obviously, bar Napoli, the competition wasn’t really that strong, but it’s a positive start.

The system we’re using is not too dissimilar from the previous one last year, except for the fact we now play with two playmakers in the middle to try to keep hold of the ball more and to use it more wisely. I’m unsettled on the striker role at the moment. I’ll likely change this depending on the opposition though.

Screenshot 2019-08-20 at 20.20.21.png

In terms of instructions, we’re not doing anything too complicated. The aim is to keep the ball more, keep out passing short and work the ball into advanced areas with more precision rather than breaking at speed and opening ourselves up to counter attacks.

So let’s take a look at the results.


Just the one match to report on. Our annual spanking at the hands of Bayern Munich.

Except for this time, we finally bloody won! A wonderful 2-0 victory, with second-half goals from Sancho and Alcácer.

Diego Simeone set up in his usual deep 4-4-2 which has caused us some issues in the past and even in this game. They outshot us by 11 shots to 9. However, we got the better of them with some clinical finishing.

A great start to the season.


There aren’t really many words I can use to describe the season. We’ve been in formidable form. The tactical shift to make us more compact has meant that Ederson has already equalled the clean sheet record for a season in the first half of it.

Surely a record that will be broken this year.

Alcácer has been on fire, with 17 goals in 16(5) games. Sancho and Lincoln have also chipped in from the wings with 9 and 7 goals respectively.

Screenshot 2019-08-20 at 20.28.34.png

In terms of the league table, it puts us firmly in the driving seat. Bayern were so poor this season that they departed with Simeone before the first half of the season even finished. A shame really, but it’ll be interesting to see who they bring in to replace him. For now, Under 19s manager, Sebastian hoeneß takes the position on an interim basis.


We’d have to completely collapse for us to throw this one away.


Quite a simple route to the third round. A hammering of Wegberg-Beeck in the opening round, followed by a simple enough 3-0 defeat of Cologne. We have Hertha Berlin up next.

Screenshot 2019-08-20 at 20.42.20.png


Finally, the Champions League. The one trophy I actually want to win before my time at Dortmund finishes. So I was delighted when we drew Barcelona in our group. 

The comfortably beat us in the opening game away at the Camp Nou, but we more than held our own at home in the return leg. The other matches in the group were a formality.

Screenshot 2019-08-20 at 20.43.59.png

We’ve earned a first knockout round tie against Lyon. Couldn’t have asked for a better draw to be honest.


We don’t really have a stand out player this season. Every outfield player has pulled in a 7+ rating, bar Florentino Luis and Mehmet Ali Yayla. The latter possibly going out on loan in January to get some more games under his belt

Screenshot 2019-08-20 at 20.46.28.png

Alcácer continues to be an animal in front of goal, and the midfielders are kicking in with their share, too. Our creativity is much better. 

Sergio Gómez is beginning to shine in the Advanced Playmaker role now and has a number of assists to his name. Converted Winger Lincoln is also showing why he is currently ahead of Matheusinho on the right wing with some excellent performances.

A short but sweet update while I find my feet again.

Until next time, tschüss.

Oliver Jensen


  1. Hi, I recently discovered Jansen’s story, and I literally absorbed it. I love the Sports Director’s approach and the bar-shaped attributes. I also have to congratulate you on the format in which you tell the story. Please follow a little more if you can Dortmund’s story, and of course I’ll look forward to the new one with FM20. I hope my English is enough, greetings from Spain.

    1. Hey Darien, thank you for the kind words.
      I’ve been watching Inside Borussia Dortmund on Amazon, it’s a really interesting club with how much involvement Zorc has over most of the football side of things. I try to give him as much control as possible when it comes to dealing with the transfers and contracts etc.
      Glad you’re enjoying it.

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