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A while back I teased the idea that I would be adding some community members into my FM19 save as unemployed managers. Well, if you are interested, then please provide me with some information in the Google Sheet linked below and I will be sure to add you.

I only really need the items in red. However, you can provide more details about your management style if you wish. Anything not provided will be randomly generated by the game. You don’t need to complete all the tendencies, these are all optional with values ranging between 1-20 with 20 being likely to always do something, 10 some of the time, and 1 rarely.


You don’t have to provide me with real information, but I won’t be adding anyone who gives an unrealistic name, e.g., First Name ‘Futbol’, Second Name ‘Manager’. Alternatively, if there’s a manager profile you would like me to duplicate, I can do this. Perhaps you see yourself as a bit of a Mark Hughes, or maybe a Marcelo Bielsa.

Just open the sheet above, download a copy of that document, complete it and email it to me at fmfutbolmanager@gmail.com or if you’d prefer, you can send me the information over Twitter via DM.

I will be adding everyone with a random current ability next week so be quick if you want to take part. Because of the nature of the game, there’s no guarantee that you’ll get a club to manage immediately, or even at all, it’s just the way the game works. Initial testing has seen a lot of managers just retire, too.

Any questions, give me a shout!

Until next time, tschüss.

Oliver Jensen


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