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If you haven’t already read it, I suggest you read my post about Mentality and Team Shape on Football Manager. You can find it here: A study into Mentality and Team Shape on Football Manager 2018

This calculator is designed to give you the individual player mentality based on team shape, team mentality and the player’s individual duty. Moreover, if you use any specific passing focus, e.g., down the flanks or through the middle then this will also calculate any affects this has on player mentality.

This calculator is to be used as a guide only and I would strongly recommend you read the above thread. There is so much more that goes on within the match engine than just a straight-up calculation of whether a player has 5 or 15 set as his mentality. However, this should give you a good understanding of the risk level set for the player and his propensity to push forward in attack and take more risks with a view to creating opportunities for your team. It will also give you a good idea of the compactness between the lines.

If you spot any errors, please do let me know. If you have any questions, you can get in touch with me in the comments below, or via twitter.

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    1. No. Mentality is how attacking you are and how much risk you will take. So a player with a mentality of 1 takes no risk and is very defensive. A player with 20 mentality is out and out attacking and takes a lot of risk.


  1. Great work! I never took the time to read all the mentalities. Now you help me to compare my systems. thank you very much. I think it is not possible because the game does not give us the information, but it could be great to have the same tool for creative freedom.
    Thank you again!


  2. i read the article too, and found your work and ideas interesting. i wonder how you put all that info to use. for me, i would love to see my team attack/defense/move close to each other, so what i should do is to make the numbers level, is that right?


    1. Simplistically, yes. But roles will determine player movements. So if you have attacking wingers, for example, and defensive players around them there will be bigger gaps.

      It sounds like you’d want to play with a fluid or very fluid shape with roles and duties that support close buildup play.


  3. In combination with the linked article this is by far the best and most interesting I’ve read about FM for a long time 🙂 And – different to the scouting 😀 – we share the same approach here 🙂


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